JFG... Online wholesale supplier of high quality and superior value putters for men
and ladies with TWO FREE JFG Online Putting Lessons ($50 Value) with purchase!

We have a 1 yr warranty from date of purchase on Putters. Our warranty covers
manufacturer defects. Normal wear & tear and misuse are not covered by warranty.
Warranty is not transferable.
TRUE FACT... Golfers use the putter more than any other club in the bag, yet it rarely gets the
attention it deserves. 43% of the average golfer’s shots are struck with the putter.  Yet how do
most golfers buy a putter? Trending brands off the rack, with the emphasis put almost entirely
on the “look” or the design features of the putter head, instead of the 5 critical putter building
elements which, if properly built would strip strokes off your score!
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JFG Custom Putters
JFG Custom Putters
INCLUDES - Putter, Hd/Cover, Two JFG Online Putting Lessons, Shipping and 7% Fl Sales Tax
JFG Custom Putters: ONLY $135.00 - Regular $225.00
JFG Custom Putters
Our Putters are hand built for ACCURACY one putter at a time. They're built 1) Slightly Shorter
*reduces putter rotation), 2) Less Lofted (*creates top-spin), 3) More Upright (*reduces putter
rotation), 4) 100 gram Counter Wright (improves shaky & wobbly strokes) and 5) Super Stroke
GTR Pistol 2.0 Grip (
*reduces putter rotation) than trending brands sold off the rack.