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Data shows after a 18 month study at JFG Putting Lab with over 200 participants
reveals golfer's that have wobbly and shaky putting strokes with to much putter
rotation are mostly double digit handicappers. In general these golfer's putt with
expensive off the rack putters with an oversize grip. A very high percentage use 35
inch length, 70 degree lie angle, 3 or 4 degree loft and putters that are heavy in the
putter head which promotes a decelerated and wavering putting stroke.
The same golfer's under supervision using a putter 33.5 inch length, 73 degree lie
angle, 2 degree loft, 130 to 150 total grams (Counter Weighting) and midsize grip
changes their stroke style characteristics instantly to a decent and playable putting
stroke. We highly recommend repairing your putter to the above specs or simply
purchase a JFG Custom Putter
(Only $225) we guarantee your really going to like it!
"Putting with the right putter is key!" -Jamie
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TRUE FACT... Golfers who putt well have high level of fine motor control skill. That
simply means they have the neuro-muscular ability to move and control objects with
their hands at slower speeds in a consistent, repeating and very precise manner. For
those of us who do not have fine motor control (Ageing Senior Golfer's), then it's
more difficult to keep the putter steady to hit the ball square and start the ball online
to make the putt.