How TOMI Evaluates Direction

1. Alignment at Address –

Insight: Having established the intended Target Line for the putt, how well can the golfer consistently repeat
the address position over a series of putts?

Measure: Degrees the club face is open (+) or closed (-) to the target line, as established in the golfer’s setup
calibration. Measured in 10ths of a degree, a maximum of 20 degrees open/outside (+) and 20 degrees
closed/inside (-) versus the target line.

2. Alignment at Impact –

Insight: Does the golfer have a tendency to strike the ball with the club face open or closed in relation to the
target line?

Measure: Degrees the club face is open (+) or closed (-) to the target line, ranging from -20 to +20 degrees.
Scale is in 10ths of a degree.

3. Path at Impact-

Insight: Does the golfer’s forward stroke path merge perfectly with the Target Line through the impact zone,
or is the golfer cutting across the line? If so, how bad?

Measure: Degrees the stroke path cuts across the Target Line at impact, either inside-to-out (+) or outside-to-
in (-). Measured in 10ths of a degree, a maximum of 20 degrees open/outside (+) and 20 degrees closed/inside
(-) the Target Line.

4. Stroke Path and Rotation-

Insight: What is the overall shape of the stroke in relation to the Target Line?

Measure: TOMI provides three very telling views of the total stroke: a white line tracing the path from the
starting position of the backstroke to its end; a colored line tracing the path from the beginning of the target
stroke to impact to follow-through; and the degrees the club face is rotated open (+) or closed (-) in relation to
the Target Line at the end of the backstroke and forward stroke.

How TOMI Evaluates Distance

5. Shaft Angle-

Insight: Is the golfer delofting, or adding loft to the club at impact? Is this a consistent tendency, or an erratic

Measure: The angle of the shaft at impact, relative to a perfectly vertical line. Measured in 10ths of a degree,
the spread being +/- 10 degrees. A positive reading = added loft. Negative = delofting the club.

6. Impact Spot

Insight: Is the putter consistently striking the ball where it is originally addressed?

Measure: The golfer should address the ball in the sweet spot of the putter and come back at impact within an
inch of either side of the spot. Impact spots that fall outside the sweet spot are recorded towards the toe or
the heel.

7. Speed at Impact-

Insight: How well does the golfer address the stroke speed to correct for initial putts that are too short or too
long? More important, how consistent is the club velocity at impact.

Measure: Inches-per-second at instant of impact, on a 10ths of an inch scale.

8. Stroke Tempo-

Insight: How consistent is the stroke timing from one putt to the next? How much time does it take to
complete the putt from the beginning of the backstroke to impact, and how consistent is the timing? What
about the overall stroke tempo – the relative timing between the backstroke and the forward stroke?

Measure: Elapsed time in seconds, with separate readings for the backstroke, the forward stroke to impact,
and the sum of the two. Scaled in 100ths of a second.
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TOMI Pro Putting System

TOMI (The Optimal Motion Instructor) is a breakthrough new putting training system designed to help
golfers understand the flaws in the putting stroke, fix those flaws, and sink more putts! In real-time Tomi
evaluates distance and direction of the putting stroke of all players. TOMI captures and analyzes the
basic mechanics of putting which, when well executed, produce fluid, well aligned strokes.

From initial address and throughout the entire stroke, TOMI will help you pinpoint the critical aspects of
your putting stroke, that are well grooved, or deserve special attention and practice.
8-Measured Parameters
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