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Meet Jamie Frith
Jamie's Professional Timeline...
Jamie had 5 yrs of High-Tech Teaching & Putter Fitting Experience at his Putt Lab!
JFG Putt Lab
Senior Pro
(2012-2017... Hundreds Taught & Fitted)
Master Senior Golf Instructor and Certified Club Fitter
Featured Twice on CBS Sports & ESPN... Over 6,500 Seniors Taught in JFG 2.0 School
Jamie Frith Golf - (561) 271-9988
  • 1976-Started his career as a Teaching Professional, Delray Beach Fl
  • 1979-1980-1981- Three time South Florida National Long Drive Champion (406 yds Longest)
  • 1979-1985: Pro Delray Beach Golf Course
  • 1984-Established: Jamie Frith 2.0 Golf School, Delray Beach Fl
  • 1985-1992- Head Instructor United Amputee Services Association Inc.
  • 1985-1994- Educator IBM CLUB Members
  • 1988-"Break 100 in 90 Days"  2.0 Golf School featured on CBS Sports & ESPN        
  • 1992-"Take 10 Strokes off Your Game" 2.0 Golf School featured on CBS Sports & ESPN
  • 1995- Established: Jamie Frith Indoor Golf Studio, Delray Beach, Fl
  • 1997-Certified V1 Pro
  • 2001-2007-Owner St. Lucie Golf Range, Port St. Lucie, Fl  (Complimentary Learning Center)
  • 2008-Reinstated: Jamie Frith Indoor Golf Studio
  • 2008-Started: "Play with the Pro" (18-Hole Golf Game Analysis)
  • 2010-Certified Wishon Golf Technology Fitting Center
  • 2012-Established: JFG Putt Lab
  • 2015-JFG Design: Custom Built Putters
  • 2016-Closed JFG Indoor Golf Studio
Jamie Frith was born in Detroit, Michigan. He excelled in sports at an early age and was All-State in
ice hockey and golf. His golfing skills improved steadily, culminating in his attaining the prestigious
status of college All-State and All-American. In 1976 he started his career as a Teaching Professional.
Jamie was the former owner of St. Lucie Golf Range from 2001-2007. He had instructed over 8,500
Students (8 Lessons each) in his 2.0 Golf School Program. Jamie has taught over 2,500 junior
golfer's in summer clinics, and over 1,400 amputees in spring clinics. 14 of his students achieved
PGA Pro status and 10 students earned Golf Athletic Scholarships from his renowned 2.0 Golf
School . Plus, 80% of his students (50/50 split men & women) were Seniors helping him to become
a true specialist in Senior Golf Game Improvement.
TRUE FACT... Golfer's use the putter more than any other club in he bag, but it rarely gets
the attention it deserves. 43% of the average golfer's shots are struck with the putter. Yet how
do most golfer's buy a putter? Trending brands off the rack, with the emphasis put almost
entirely on the "look" or design features of the putter head, instead of the five critical putter
fitting elements (Length, Loft, Lie Angle, Weight Balance and Grip Size) which, if properly fit
and built would
help start your ball online to make more putts.
Only through professional putter fitting and building your putter from scratch (the same way
the pros' putters are made) can you be assured that you are putting to the very best of your
ability and gaining the most from the putting instruction you may take.
JFG Online Putter Fitting
FOR BEST RESULTS... Capture your putting videos with your mobile phone horizontal (15' range)
and send videos by Text message to 561-271-9988. JFG Online Putter Fitting is included with your
purchase.  Please only send  2 short clips (less than 10 seconds each) - one from down the line
view, one from face on view. Before videos will be accepted, please checkout using PayPal
button below. After videos are accepted, I will study your putting videos and call you back and
discuss what's best for you. In most cases fittings are 20-30 minutes with a 3-day (TAT).