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Meet the Pro
Jamie Frith... Senior Professional with Tons of Experience

  • 1976- June 7th Started as Professional Golf Instructor Delray Beach, Fl
  • 1979-1985-Pro Delray Beach Municipal Golf Course, Delray Beach, Fl
  • 1984-Established: Jamie Frith 2.0 Golf School, Delray Beach, Fl
  • 1985-1992- Head Instructor United Amputee Services Association Inc.
  • 1985-1994- Educator IBM CLUB Members
  • 1988-"Break 100 in 90 Days"  2.0 Golf School featured on CBS Sports & ESPN        
  • 1992-"Take 10 Strokes off Your Game" 2.0 Golf School featured on CBS Sports & ESPN
  • 2001-2007-Owner St. Lucie Golf Range, Port St. Lucie, FL  (Complimentary Golf Center)
  • 2008-Established: "Play with the Pro" 3.0 Instruction & Wishon Golf Certified Club Fitter
  • 2015-Established: JFG Putting Lab
  • 2015-Partnered with TOMI  (The Optimal Motion Instructor)
  • 2015-Created JFG Custom Built Putters... Tour Edition
  • 2016-Exceeded Over 9,000 Golfer's Taught JFG 2.0 Putting Lesson
  • 2016 December- Closed JFG Indoor Studio
  • 2017-JFG Mobile Putting Clinics
Jamie was the former owner of St. Lucie Golf Range from 2001-2007. He had taught over 8,500 students in
2.0 instruction programs, accumulated over 70,000 video coaching lessons (35,000 short game ) and given
over 5,000 playing lessons. He has taught 2,500 junior golfer's in summer clinics, and over 1,400 amputees
in spring clinics. Also, 14 of his students achieved PGA Pro status and 10 students earned Golf Athletic
Scholarships from his renowned Golf School 2.0.
Jamie Frith was born in Detroit, Michigan. He excelled in sports at an early age. All-State in ice hockey and golf,
he became the state of Michigan's Jr Golf Champion. His golfing skills improved steadily, culminating in his
attaining the prestigious status of college All-State and All-American
Featured on CBS Sports & ESPN with over 9,000 Golfer's Taught JFG 2.0 Putting Lesson